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Building Hours During the School Closing



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Alva Public Schools is a student-centered district that consists of one High School, one Middle school, and three Elementary schools.

Alva High School

Alva High School

501 14th Street

Alva, Okla.  73717

Phone:  580-327-3682

Fax:  580-327-4240

Alva High School Website:


Alva Middle School

Alva Middle School

800 West Flynn Street

Alva, Okla.  73717

Phone:  580-327-0608

Fax:  580-327-4255

Alva Middle School Website:


Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary

1540 Davis Street

Alva, Oklahoma  73717

Phone:  580-327-3008

Fax:  580-327-6785

Lincoln Elementary School Website: 


Longfellow Elementary School

Longfellow Elementary

19 East Barnes

Alva, Okla.  73717

Phone:  580-327-3327

Fax:  580-327-4527

Longfellow Elementary Website:


Washington Elementary Early Childhood Center

Washington ECC

701 Barnes Street

Alva, Okla.  73717

Phone:  580-327-3518

Fax:  580-327-6040

Washington Elementary ECC Website: